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Two people or more on one image.

These caricatures are drawn and coloured digitally based on suitable photos you provide.

You'll receive a high resolution digital image by email that you can save in your computer or print.

Digital Caricatures couples

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Recommended Steps Before Placing An Order

First of all make sure the photos you have are suitable for a caricature or that you are able to take new photos based on the recommended samples shown below.

The first 4 photos on the form below “1,2,3and 4”are my preferred gesture and angle combination that I encourage people to send.

First two are shot from a 45° angle one with mouth closed and one smiling. The bottom two are the same gesture but taken from the front. Even better is to send a short close up video showing these angles and gestures so it can be played and paused when looking for the best suitable frame.

Full body photos like photo”5” are useful as supportive material when doing Full Body Caricatures but don’t be tempted to crop the head "photo 6" and send as main reference for the face as blown up photos end up blurry and don’t provide any information. When doing groups a full body group photo would be helpful to know the differences in hight and body structure between the people involved.


Passport like photos with lack of expression, cropped sections of the head, dark shades and large hats, pulling faces or from extreme angles are of no use to me.

Once you have Photos that meet these requirements you can go to the contact form on the bottom of this page or click on "Contact" on the "Main Menu" and fill in your details including the type of caricature you'd like to order, a detailed description of what you'd like for the theme "if applicable" and upload your Photos to be assessed. Good photos are essential to achieve  likeness in a caricature. Please put your best effort in supplying me with the necessary material and precise description of theme. 

If photos are suitable you'll get a reply to proceed to placing your order and checking out.

The Digital Caricatures "Cheaper Option" must be payed in full before they are produced.

With the more expensive Watercolour Caricatures you have the option to pay in full or leave a 30% deposit after your photos are approved and receive a rough sketch and layout of the final Caricature. Once full payment has been received the final piece will be painted and sent to you by Post.